Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Weekend Away

Time away is sometimes the hardest time to find. Weekend plans fill up fast and before you know it, months go by without time to settle down and enjoy one other....distractionless. So, after a mostly eventless scheduled weekend, we packed our weekend totes and got away. And it was lovely! Wow, we need to do that more. It was nice spending time with my 3 dreamy boys with no distraction of housework to dos, projects, errands or the everyday tasks. It was b-e-a-utiful. Of course, I cannot take credit for the lovely weekend. Let's be honest here - I, of course, look around our ever-going remodel and think that there is no way we can get out of town - we have much to do. But, he knows me well and somehow gets us on the road. So thank you, hunnie, for helping us get out and enjoy the fresh air. It was needed! After all....who doesn't need a break sometimes?

So...up the ranch we went.

 Fence climbing with dad...

Guess he was not ready to sit alone of the fence.....

Ummm, hello, I have boys, so of course there was a lot of rock throwing competitions....

One of the newest family members. Isn't she beautiful?! 

Tire swinging. Kid heaven.

Stability balls were misnamed and applied for the wrong use....what kid doesn't love to roll around one of these giamongous balls of fun?!

 I seriously want to post this picture twice - I love it that much. Bridger man....your mama will never forget this moment of sitting on the porch watching the rain with you. I love you, pal.

Yea....Miles didn't so much love watching the Poor kid.

He was much more content going for a walk bundled up in his stroller. I don't blame ya dude....this looks more comfy.

 There were plenty of daddy-son to-dos around the ranch...Bridger's ultimate good-time.

This sums up the weekend.  Relaxing for mom and dad....and exhausting for the kids. Hey, all-day playing takes it right of you. (He fell asleep as Brad was making the fire to roast hotdogs. So just dado and the dog enjoyed the roasted goodness).

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  1. I Love the pictures, love the sweet memories you guys made and Love your family!