Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cousin Fun

We were so lucky to have my brother and his cute family come visit a few weeks back. I finally got around to looking through the photos and was loving some of what we snapped.  A 2 year old makes everything more entertaining.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Like Mama

Ok. It is no secret I love a good, cold treat. Ice cream. Red Mango (Blue Moon or Pina Coloda, anyone?!). Popsicles. Frozen fruit. Ice cold drinks. It's also no secret (at least to my dear husband),  that I am not a good cold treat sharer. I have come to terms with the fact that I am selfish in this part of life...but am trying to work on it nonetheless. Ha. Apparently I will get a taste of my own bad medicine -- this gene has been passed along to my first born. Holy heavens. Of course, the day I realized this, I just had to test him out and push the kid's buttons a little. After all, I did purchase that delightful treat for him, it was only proper to offer some back to me. As you can tell...he wasn't too happy about sharing.

Son, I can totally relate.

Loving his ice cream treat.....

Thinking mom is just being funny...

Realizing mom is not funny and just stole some of his deliciousness...

I love those moments when personality shines. Shine on, Bridger....shine on.

This moment lead my memory back a few years before I was a good sharer of chocolate. Once upon time I lived in sunny California with my dreamy husband who also had a chocolate addiction. I thought I was the bomb of bomb-diggity wives who bought their husbands favorite chocolate treat as a surprise -- a Utah Mint Truffle (those were hard to come by in sunny Cali). But as I pulled up to the parking lot where I was meeting him and others for dinner, I decided it would be far more fun to show him the delicious treat and then insist on a good begging. That failed. (Duh?!) So. Being the go-getter man he is, he snatched the treat out of my hand...and ran. This lead to a very fun-mad chase around the parking lot. Well....the picture says it all.  I was the winner-winner with the chocolate dinner. Boo-ya.

I suppose I should work on sharing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Perfect Easter Weekend

I love Easter. I love everything about it. It most definitely is in my top 3 of favorite holidays. I love the celebration that "He is Risen;" the beautiful spring weather (which means summa-summa-time is around the corner); the sunshine (I liiiiiiive for the sunshine); the egg hunts with sweet surprises inside; coloring eggs; the lovely bright and pastel color scheme that brightens folks' homes; and currently, teaching my two year old all the fun Easter traditions (we spent last week googling the Easter bunny and talking about the Big Hunt). Like I said, I love all of it. This year, however, was extra fabulous. This Easter Sunday we blessed our newest family member, sweet baby Miles Mack. Oh I love him.Look at the face?! How could you not?!

Let's face it, I have 2 dreamy little boys...and they have a very dreamy dad. 
Like I've always said...life is good.


That party weekend I mentioned?...was a serious party. Kids. Chicks. And candy galore. Oh, and how could I fail to mention, hours upon hours of "dasedball time." Heaven knows my 2 year old cannot go a day without a good amount of baseball time. The kid is obsessed. As you will see....he couldn't care less about the adorable chicks that Granpa Easter Bunny got....he had to play ball.It was such a fun weekend. Thanks family for making it that way. Love you all.