Sunday, August 5, 2012

For the Love of Mickey Mouse

Having boys, I never thought "babies" would be in my current daily dealings - it has always seemed like such a girl thing.  Boy was I wrong. Care-taking is innate no matter what gender you are. And currently in our household, Mickey Mouse is getting a lot of love and care. He gets his own bowl of cereal in the morning; he gets to hold hands with Auntie Sar at the zoo (Thank you Auntie Sar for being such a good sport!); he gets to see all the animals at the zoo; he gets tucked in for naps even when Bridger doesn't want one; he gets to share name it, Mickey is privileged to participate. And thank you Aunt Em and Uncle Trev for purchasing this awesome Mickey Mouse of which he obviously loves so much.


  1. Will Mickey be privelaged enough to go on a Disneyland trip anytime soon? We are going in September, would love for you guys to come along :)

  2. I am so glad that he LOVES his mickey :) How cute :) What a sweet boy! I had so much fun buying that for him when we were visiting you guys :) Miss you and cant wait for your visit in a couple weeks!!